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Lord of the Rings Online The Farms of the Shire

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NameThe Farms of the Shire
Description- Find Dora Browlock's Farm
- Find Bamfurlong
- Find Old Odo's Leaf-Farm
- Find South Fields
- Find Appledores
- Find Puddifoot's Fields
  • Tolerance +1
    Adds 2 to Agility
    Adds 0.5% to Morale Regeneration in Combat
    Subtracts 0.5% from Magic Vulnerability
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more info <2007-06-06 02:31:02>
martin <Guest>Dora Browlock's Farm: 31.3S, 72.7W (under "H" in Hobbiton) Bamfurlog: 34.3S, 64.4W (under "T" in The Marish)

farms <2007-07-04 06:21:38>
sstairOld Odo's Leaf-Farm is at 33.8S, 68.0W

farms <2007-07-04 06:21:38>
sstairAppledores is at 29.4S, 72.0W, next to the party tree.

<2007-07-04 06:21:38>
sstairAnd Bamfurlong is indeed at 34.3S, 64.4W.

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