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Lord of the Rings Online The Western Ruins

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NameThe Western Ruins
DescriptionExplore the following locations in the North Downs:

- Amon Raith
- Falconer's Tower
- Gilrost
- Minas Vrun
- Norbury Gates
- Ost Nuaran
- Tham Lorn
  • Wisdom +1
    Adds to Will, Wound Resistance and Power Regeneration in non-combat.
ZoneNorth Downs
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Map of North Downs Click an Icon to Link


<2007-04-22 21:02:34>
Alvarez <Guest>Exploring these areas does not give you wisdom trait. No deed is initiated at level 15.

<2007-04-25 11:04:10>
Doff <Guest>You need to be at least lvl20 to activate any deed in the North Downs.

Gilrost loc <2007-08-19 03:34:38>
Cecilia Sturmwind <Guest>loc for Gilrost is 9.6S, 59.2W

<2008-11-15 05:40:45>
Dan <Guest>It is nót Gilrost, but the correct name is Glírost.

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