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Lord of the Rings Online Mad Badger Tail

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Mad Badger Tail
Worth: 32c
Dropped By MobsMad Badger


Worthless? <2008-05-16 04:45:08>
Silvershield <Guest>What is it for?

<2008-05-17 04:48:31>
jaskier <Guest>seems that when you carry mad badgers tail in your inventory, you don't meet the beast itself. I might be wrong though

mad badger's tail <2008-07-20 04:52:40>
Mijareth <Guest>You are wrong indeed... I had the tail with me and now I have two.. ;)

<2009-09-06 17:00:30>
Lirywen <Guest>dno but our kin is named The Mad Badgers and thats our god so pls no killing it

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