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Lord of the Rings Online A Captain's Standard

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NameA Captain's Standard
Only for Class:Captain
Starts at NPC
Related MobsJarl Copperbrace
Occurs in Zones
Rewards Items
Ability RewardedDefiance
  • Talk to Jarl Copperbrace and travel to Ost Galumar
  • BackgroundJarl Copperbrace is in the mining-settlement of Othrikar, in the North Downs.
    Jarl Copperbrace is waiting to travel with you to the ruins over which he wants you to raise three standards of the Free Peoples.
    DescriptionNOTE: You start this quest by speaking to any Captain Trainer upon reaching level 30.
    Map of North Downs Click an Icon to Link
    Map of Bree-Town Click an Icon to Link


    <2008-01-15 03:34:00>
    Mogloth <Guest>Not too difficult. Just a bunch a dourhands. No elites. Trickiest part is having to make a couple of different jump in order to get to flag poles. Completed the first time I did it.

    <2008-06-27 01:50:41>
    Guest <Guest>most asinine quest ever. if i wanted to play super mario i would have bought a nintendo

    Quest <2008-10-16 01:23:56>
    Aillas <Guest>Go to the gap, then dont jump on the last tip ahead. Just turn to the right and jum that gap. Thats easy

    <2009-04-14 07:33:19>
    -_- <Guest>erhm jump where from? (gap?)

    gap what gap <2009-07-28 00:39:08>
    harry <Guest>which gap there loads of them

    <2009-08-31 03:08:33>
    Beri Irontoe <Guest>That was a terrible quest on so many levels. The designer should be ashamed of himself for during such a poor job. I got spammed with anti-exploit triggered, due to mobs not beeing able to reach me and my squire got stuck several times and I couldn&#039;t get a new one once dismissed because I was locked in combat... That beeing said. You have to super-mario this one, run and jump as shown in the picture.

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