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Lord of the Rings Online A Flight of Drakes

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NameA Flight of Drakes
Starts at NPCPerimbant
Starts in Zones
Related MobsDunlending Scrapper
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded26s, 25c
Requires Items
Rewards Items
  • Bring an infused garnet to Perimbant
  • Talk to Perimbant to travel to Pembar
  • Bring an empowered garnet to Perimbant
  • Background'Indeed, I know of just the place to imbue such a quality as you seek. An ancient forge lies hidden among the ruins of Pembar, north-west of here. There is a small complication, I fear. A wing of Drakes from high Zirakzigil was seen flying in the direction of the ruins not a week ago. It is likely that they have brought their brood down into the hills to feed upon the carrion of battle.

    'Alas, Pembar is of little enough value for us to risk trying to retake it now. If you need to reach that forge, I suggest you gather a few companions and see if you can dislodge the Drakes by your own cunning and skill.

    'In any case, you will need an infused garnet if you wish to obtain the quality you seek there. Return to me when you have one and bring a couple of stalwart companions to aid you.'
    DescriptionThroughout Eregion there exist still several ancient Elf-forges where items of power were once crafted. The ruins of Pembar are one such site, one which Perimbant knows well.
    Map of Eregion Click an Icon to Link
    Map of Lone Land Click an Icon to Link


    Found one <2008-11-24 08:33:30>
    PHGamer <Guest>Dunlending Scrapper 51st level near Emyn Naer

    ... <2008-12-03 02:36:49>
    Haku <Guest>hey guys! where i can get the infused!? :(

    strategy <2008-12-14 05:02:47>
    Juicy <Guest>3 or us ( 2 hunters, 1 Guard) did this today We had frequesnt deaths. The best approach we found was a triangular attack method. One of us on each point of the triangle. When one of us would start taking dammage he would let up and another would take the hits. we kept rotating the mob during the attack. We found we took less damage that way. The mother is a 35K mob.

    Found On Goblins <2009-04-21 06:35:12>
    Aorde <Guest>I found one on a Goblin Solder just inside of Moria

    <2009-05-20 04:13:20>
    Diepen <Guest>These are all over the place, I got one from a warg in Angmar at Barad Gularan in one of the many valleys surrounding it. He was a good 4 or 5k morale.

    Infued Garnet <2009-07-05 03:39:25>
    Pereldar <Guest>They&#039;re usually on the AH for about 90-150 each. Trying to get them as a drop off a mob is going to be rough since they&#039;re not a frequent drop.

    <2010-01-10 03:43:06>
    Alryk <Guest>got 2 in the space of 5 minutes from half orcs north of echad Dunann

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