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Lord of the Rings Online A Remarkable Bow

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NameA Remarkable Bow
TypeEred Luin
Starts at NPCCelairant
Starts in Zones
Related MobsStarkath
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded90c
Requires Items
  • Collect the stolen bow
  • Bring the bow to Celairant
  • Background'An Elf named Penglir gave me this beautiful bow but I've gone and lost it! Or more to the point, it was stolen from me. The Rangers make a point to stay out of the feud between the Longbeards and the Dourhands, so I was not expecting to be waylaid by brigands out of Kheledûl!'

    'They overpowered me as I was looking for a good place to practice outside the town and stole Penglir's bow! The dwarves and Starkath, their leader, skulk near the walls of Kheledûl.

    'I knew I wasn't worthy to deserve such a rich gift. I'm a embarassment to Langlas and to the Rangers. So hapless am I that I dare not fight Starkath. Can you go forth and take the bow back from him?'
    DescriptionWhile on his way to Duillond, an Elf named Penglir stopped at the hunters' lodge and gave his bow to the young Ranger Celairant. Celairant accepted the gift, but feels unworthy to own such a thing of beauty.
    Map of Ered Luin Click an Icon to Link


    Starkath <2007-04-15 03:26:51>
    Celebrin <Guest>Mob with bow to left of gate outside Kheledul

    Starkath <2007-04-15 23:25:06>
    NeilleAs you follow the slope down from the main pathway he appears in the left hand corner among all the bushes. Don't bother looking inside the port like I did :( He's lvl 11 and has 450 hp (ish)

    the bow <2007-05-15 03:29:14>
    BILDO <Guest>I didnt even look at the bow... can you equip it?

    <2007-05-17 04:23:07>
    SrF <Guest>The mob who drops the bow is named Starkarth

    Bow <2008-07-15 04:19:28>
    Carsig <Guest>If you are facing Kheledul, follow the outside left wall, and you'll run into him. He is a level 12, boss mob.

    Bildo <2008-11-07 06:56:01>
    allan <Guest>No Bildo, you cant equip the bow

    A Remarkable Bow Quest <2009-04-23 23:34:39>
    Raygolas <Guest>Hes lvl 11 with 306 HP and 153 Power as of 22/4/09.He wanders the left hand outside Kheledul wall.

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