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Lord of the Rings Online A Striking Absence of Boar

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NameA Striking Absence of Boar
Starts at NPCParr Chopley
Starts in Zones
Coin Rewarded7s, 98c
  • Spend time looking for boars in Evendim
  • BackgroundParr Chopley let his stomach lead him too far, wandering the northern ways into Evendim, where he chanced upon the rough town of Ost Forod. Nevertheless, he has not let it daunt him. He is in the mood for a nice, hearty boar-steak, but he is concerned that he hasn't seen any boars in all of Evendim.
    DescriptionTip: This is a timed quest, you only have 30 minutes to find a boar in Evendim.

    Spoiler: There are no boars in Evendim, just do something useful during the 30minutes and when they are up the quest will be completed.
    Map of Evendim Click an Icon to Link


    boars <2007-06-15 04:07:21>
    UlgarthThere are no boars in Evendim, when the time runs out the quest will be completed.

    Boars <2008-04-07 02:05:33>
    <Guest>I think they might have changed it, because I just went off and did other quests for the 30 mins, and when it was up it said: You Have Found No Boars. And the quest was not completed.

    <2008-04-24 03:02:18>
    legablaze <Guest>yer that happened to me =( wonder why

    <2008-05-09 13:58:25>
    Alaedric <Guest>You have to actually wander about the wilds of Evendim. Crafting or doing things outside Evendim doesn't count.

    <2008-06-01 17:11:55>
    Beddgelert <Guest>You will get a message saying you failed to find a boar, but when you return to Ost F you can hand it in as normal and get the next quest in the chain.

    <2008-12-18 07:18:44>
    <Guest>just stay in evendim and it will say that you found no sign on boars then go back and talk to him...

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