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Lord of the Rings Online Chapter 7: Secrets of Eryn Singor

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NameChapter 7: Secrets of Eryn Singor
Starts at NPCLavanthir
Starts in Zones
Related Mobs
Coin Rewarded24s, 0c
Rewards Items
  • Find the enterance to Bar-e-Therchir
  • Defeat Wood-trolls in Eryn Singor (/10)
  • Talk to Lavanthir
  • BackgroundLavanthir has kept watch over the Wood-trolls that live within Eryn Singor for several weeks and has noticed the Angmarim doing the same.
    DescriptionNOTE: This is a sub quest for Chapter 7: An Unsavoury Air.

    TIP: The troll cave is at 35.0S, 16.9W
    Map of Trollshaws Click an Icon to Link


    <2008-01-01 04:31:53>
    val <Guest>Lavanthir at 36.8S, 15.9W

    <2008-07-29 03:56:44>
    Torbjarn <Guest>The wood-trolls love to toss you down from the cliffsides. Watch out.

    inside cave <2008-08-02 03:40:31>
    aelius <Guest>were is teh SW room in thr cave?

    Cave <2008-08-27 09:28:41>
    Beregost <Guest>The troll cave is at 35.0S, 16.9W, in case, like me, anyone had trouble finding it.

    shortcut <2008-09-02 03:53:15>
    danny the fool <Guest>There is a shortcut to the entrance of Bar-e-Therchir, just jump down the waterfall in the Eryn Singor area from above. The first stop will be halfway up to the entrance with 2 to 3 trolls remaining between the entrance and you. The way up is to your right. If you fall down to the bottom then you will have to fight a bit more but it's still less than either of the regular ways. Head away from the waterfall and the way up will be to your left. Once inside, you'll have to fight 50/50s Angmarim and trolls with not much time between respawns, so do bring food.

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