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Lord of the Rings Online Drummers in the Deep

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NameDrummers in the Deep
TypeThe Elves of Rivendell
Starts at NPCOghuk
Starts in Zones
Coin Rewarded39s, 20c
Rewards Items
  • Slay Drummers in Goblin-Town (0/6)
  • Return to Oghuk
  • BackgroundOghuk wants revenge on Haushar, the goblin who imprisoned him for causing trouble with the troll-drums in the deep places of Goblin-Town.
    DescriptionTIP: Oghuk is in the prison.

    TIP: The troll drummer are in Thundergrot, down the stairs completely. Be carefull, tjeu are elites with 11k health. Some are with lashers of 4k. Two level 50+ can do.


    Quest Objective. <2007-11-19 04:36:01>
    Levex <Guest>This quest requires you to kill 6 trolls, not Kaushar.

    <2009-01-13 06:27:31>
    <Guest>but where are the trolls

    Troll location <2009-04-23 23:34:39>
    alriska <Guest>The troll drummer are in thundergrot, down the stairs completely. Be carefull, elite 11k, some with lasher of 4k some in group of 2 and lasher. 2 lvl 50+ can do it

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