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Lord of the Rings Online Into the Rift

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NameInto the Rift
Starts at NPCFaimir
Related Objects
Starts in Zones
Related MobsGlorfindel
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded24s, 85c
Rewards Items
  • Talk to Glorfindel
  • BackgroundGreetings, ____. You have come at a most fortuitous time. Have you spoken to Lord Glorfindel? He seems troubled recently, but will not speak of it. You have become familiar with him, have you not? Perhaps he will reveal his concerns to you. If you are willing, go to him near the Bruinen and speak with him.
    Map of Rivendell Click an Icon to Link
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    how do i get there <2008-09-16 04:23:56>
    <Guest>how do i even get into the rift?? i just get attacked by all the giants before i reach the gate.

    common sense <2009-02-02 04:48:24>
    Blac Haze (elendilmir) <Guest>simple, kill them lol

    NOT a solo quest <2009-02-20 05:53:11>
    Mike <Guest>The area past Barad Gularad is loaded with elite master giants, drakes, iron crown, gaunt lords, you name it. Solo player cannot hope to get near to the rift.

    the way to the free peps camp <2009-03-06 03:23:22>
    efus <Guest>First, take the east most path, hug wall, and get to the 2nd most highest path to get around the castle. Run past lots of giants and bow shooters, when getting to the Main gate into the rift, just take a path that crosses fewest of the 20 giants there :P The way is sick hard. just when you think you are done and can meet iorelen, you have to run past groups of 12k mobs, 48k trolls and orcs to get to a round table.. there take the east path up then do a right just as you enter the path. Up a hill. there you see free people :) good luck. I did it with 47 guardian and 47 minst. with tons of luck.

    How is this a solo quest???? <2009-03-09 03:09:51>
    Roger <Guest>Tried three times with full fellow (not Raid) to get to the there some ridiculously easy back way that is obvious to everyone but me?

    <2009-03-12 05:40:35>
    Sam <Guest>What a stupid quest.

    into the rift <2009-04-02 05:10:16>
    tegolas <Guest>ask for muster

    <2009-06-04 06:05:29>
    plki <Guest>Stupid stupid stupid quest. Very frustrating.

    <2009-08-24 02:51:15>
    lariva <Guest>Ran through the giants... RK lvl 60 .. non stop healing :)

    <2009-09-14 03:01:20>
    kaitouEffectively, it is a group/raid quest. What they don&#039;t tell you is that it only leads to raid quests; so, if you aren&#039;t going there for a raid, there is almost no point (yes, you get some XP and rep with a group you would otherwise have no use for). No stable-master. No vendors. Just traders, campfire and a mustering point.

    <2010-01-10 03:29:52>
    Anon <Guest>What a dumb quest. Do it only if you&#039;re going to/want to raid, period, like kaitou says. I ran by myself to the gate of Gath Uior and sat in a corner to take a break, but I wish I checked this one earlier. Oh well. I just mapped out. Such a waste of time.

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