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Lord of the Rings Online Lost Dog

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NameLost Dog
Starts at NPCRonald Dwale
Starts in Zones
Related MobsBurrowing Sand-Norbog
Occurs in Zones
  • Find the small lead dog
  • Talk to Ronald Dwale
  • BackgroundBarandalf is north and slightly east of Dwaling. Ronald has asked you to search the banks of the Brandywine in the Sand Marshes to find his son's lost toy. He has told you that one of the burrowing insects may have taken it.
    DescriptionTIP: The toy drops off Burrowing Sand-Norbogs in the dunes to the north of Ronald Dwale.
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    Location of small lead dog <2007-06-18 05:44:28>
    Sam Hancock <Guest>Drops off of burrowing sand norbogs in the sand dunes to the north of Ronald Dwale

    Starting Location <2007-07-12 06:15:11>
    Bissrok <Guest>The quest giver is located at 21.2S, 64.5W.

    Sucky drop rate <2009-01-07 04:45:38>
    J Putnam <Guest>I killed over 30 of the burrowers an it never dropped, so I dropped this BS quest and cursed the geek developer who programmed the sucky drop rate.

    <2009-03-03 03:45:10>
    Putrid Slime Of Helchgam <Guest>Got it on first drop. You are clearly unlucky. Give me a 99 roll on that slime!

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