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Lord of the Rings Online Out of the South

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NameOut of the South
Starts at NPCGelirwen (Eregion)
Starts in Zones
Related Mobs
Coin Rewarded25s, 90c
  • Collect a symbol of the White Hand (0/1)
  • Bring the Symbol of the White Hand to Gelirwin at Echad Mirobel
  • Background'At one time, the School at Tham Mírdain was a bastion of the free exchange of knowledge. Students of every art would gather in the courtyard or the great hall and there discuss history, crafts, arts and music. All manner of topics dear to the Elves would be shared among those scholars.

    'When war darkened these lands, the knowledge prevailed in other areas of Middle-earth, but many scars of what transpired here remain upon the Elves. Now, the School is a reminder of the brighter days we once shared with our brethren.

    'We cannot abide the arrival of the White Hand within its walls, and so we must do something to drive the enemy out. Here, in Mirobel, we have had signs and portents that a great leader drives the forces of the White Hand. I would ask that you search for them throughout Mirobel and search the enemies for a symbol of the White Hand, for with that I may be able to discern the identity and location of their leader.'
    DescriptionForces loyal to Saruman have moved up from the south and begun to sift through the ruins of Eregion. News of their arrival reached Echad Mirobel; there, the small force of Elves employ the assistance of any willing to aid them in driving this foe from the Elf-lands.,

    TIP: Dunlending Toughs, Brawlers or Scouts outside of Mirobel drop the Symbol of the White Hand. (S 51.3, W 16.0 or S 53, W 16.3)
    Map of Eregion Click an Icon to Link


    not L48 quest <2008-11-24 08:33:30>
    BaziLL <Guest>it is L53 quest and it is at eregion not at north downs

    Out of the South <2008-11-24 07:05:53>
    Samel <Guest>It took me several hours killing Angmarim and orcs and Dunlendings...but I finally killed a Dunlending close the the east entrance of Mirobel which dropped the Symbol of the White Hand.

    Quest is level 53 <2008-11-24 08:33:30>
    b-morganQuest is level 53, not 48.

    <2008-11-24 08:33:30>
    RhomenI got mine off a Dunlending Tough right outside of Mirobel(town) Side Note: This map has nothing to do with this quest. Disregard

    <2008-11-24 08:33:30>
    <Guest>this quest is not in ND, this is the wrong map (currently as of Nov 24 08)

    <2008-11-28 09:08:51>
    Godhan <Guest>Wrong Map

    <2008-11-29 05:32:34>
    Guvnor_NutterI got this off of a Dunlending Scout at 54.0S, 16.4W

    Found <2008-11-29 05:32:34>
    Feldarian <Guest>I found it off a Dunlending at 52.9S, 15.7W

    Also Dunlending Scouts <2008-11-29 05:32:34>
    PHGamer <Guest>I just lifted one off of a Dunlending Scout, near the bridge.

    <2008-11-29 05:32:34>
    <Guest>mine dropped off a dunlending scout just outside of the entrance

    <2008-12-02 06:41:05>
    Gilares <Guest>Mine dropped off a dunlending scout just outside the entrance as well, first kill

    <2008-12-03 02:48:06>
    Zappo <Guest>I found it off a Dunlending Scout around 53.2S, 15.8W

    <2008-12-05 07:12:55>
    Bruce <Guest>I found it in the first Dunlending Scout i killed! He was at 53.7S, 16.5W

    <2008-12-08 05:40:40>
    Vingorn <Guest>Got it from dunlending tough at 53.3S, 15.9W, south of Mirobel

    got it <2008-12-17 05:55:50>
    Guest <Guest>got it from a dunlending at 52.8S 15.8W

    <2008-12-27 08:53:38>
    <Guest>Dunlending Tough at 51.3S, 16.0W

    Kill it <2008-12-31 05:21:02>
    Guest 1000 <Guest>S 51.3, W 16.0 - Dunlending Scout (West of Brigde)

    <2009-01-18 05:12:01>
    ElTorqiro <Guest>Yes, the Dunlending Tough dropped one for me, just West of Mirobel in the area with a mix of half orcs, dunlending and angmarim. The Angmarim there also drop the Iron for the quest Out of the North. Only took 4 Dunlendings to get the item for this one.

    brawler <2009-04-05 05:20:13>
    frawnz <Guest>got mine of an dunlending brawler

    <2009-04-21 06:35:12>
    Ashley <Guest>First mob dropped it, it was Brawler btw :D.

    brawler dropped it... <2009-04-27 09:24:55>
    Loyadoc <Guest>First brawler I nailed dropped it. Killed many scouts and such never dropped it.

    <2009-05-28 03:55:43>
    Gimp <Guest>Mine took forever to drop. But it dropped from a Brawler

    <2009-06-21 23:19:07>
    Eristic <Guest>From Dunlending Brawler at 51.3S, 16.2W (NE of Mirobel, close to trench).

    <2009-06-25 23:07:44>
    GladdenPlayer <Guest>53 S, 16.3 W on the path to the school (?), took 10 minutes to find thankfully.

    loc <2009-07-24 06:00:53>
    dred <Guest>found it on Dunlending Brawler At bottom of east stairs

    Item Dropper <2009-10-17 04:41:03>
    Cuth <Guest>Dropped from first Brawler west of Mirobel

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