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Lord of the Rings Online Rings of Rhudaur

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NameRings of Rhudaur
TypeGarth Agarwen
Starts at NPCRadagast the Brown
Starts in Zones
Related Mobs
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded37s, 80c
Requires Items
Rewards Items
  • Collect Warrior-Rings (0/20)
  • Return the Rings to Radagast the Brown
  • Background'(your name), I have a tale to share with you. It is of warriors who served Rhudaur at this very place, and the fate they shared. It is a story, nothing more, but one that may have merit.

    'When Rhudaur pledged to serve Angmar it is said that some were gifted rings that gave them command over their lessers. These rings, borne by the most powerful leaders signified their stations, but came with a terrible price. Each of them perished and were replaced by wight-spirits.

    'Likely, it is naught more than a nursery tale, but if it is not, then the power of those rings must be removed. Seek out these rings, if they exist, and bring them to me so that they may be destroyed. The wight-leaders will bear them.'
    DescriptionRadagast the Brown was reminded of a legend about rings that were given to the leaders of the Hill-men to signify their service to Angmar. These rings gave them power over their lessers, but exacted their very lives from them, making their bodies vessels for wight-spirits.

    NOTE: You must turn this quest in to Radagast in Barad Dhorn, and not the one in Ost Guruth. The map here is listing the wrong one.
    Map of Lone Land Click an Icon to Link


    <2007-07-31 21:29:37>
    Chobo <Guest>Must finish book 2 to get this quest

    <2009-01-18 05:12:01>
    Ulin <Guest>To turn this quest in have to visit Radagast up Barad Dhorn not in Ost Guruth

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