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Lord of the Rings Online Rumming's Remaining Riddle

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NameRumming's Remaining Riddle
Starts at NPCHumfrey Rumming
Related ObjectsChest of the Worm
Starts in Zones
Coin Rewarded20s, 0c
  • Solve Humfrey Rumming's riddle
  • Bring token of the Worm to Humfrey Rumming
  • BackgroundThere are chests hidden all around Tyl Ruinen, and one of them contains the solution to Rumming's riddle.
    DescriptionTIP: The chest of the worm can be found in a litte island, protected by 2 salamanders, at S 12.0, W 71.0.
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    <2007-08-06 02:56:03>
    RedtideHint: Ancalagon was a dragon

    <2007-09-03 03:55:17>
    Falsyana <Guest>Perhaps he is a dragon, but you dont need the chest of the drake, but the chest of the worm.

    Worms are dragons <2007-09-15 08:19:34>
    OSWY <Guest>Yeah Falsyana, a worm IS a dragon, usually a flightless one. From the anglo-saxon WERM. It isnt related to earth-worm thats something different. In the game dragon kind rates up from worm to drake to proper dragon.

    <2008-01-07 03:53:09>
    Dezu <Guest>If you paid attention to what Falsyana was saying, it's not the Chest of the Drake (another term for dragon) which is near the Chest of the Bat. Next time try to at least now what you're talking about and not be a jerk.

    Focus on Salamanders <2008-06-16 00:57:32>
    Ferrhelm <Guest>There are TWO salamanders guarding the worm Chest, it is a challenge for solo guardian lvl 34. Just a warning.

    <2008-07-05 03:17:32>
    <Guest>Ancalagon, also know as 'the black,' was the greatest of all the dragons. He was most definitely a dragon with the ability to fly. Turbine got this wrong.

    <2008-07-07 02:57:55>
    <Guest>Well whatever....its not the dragon chest anyway

    <2008-07-18 03:36:20>
    <Guest>yeah, if you actually read the riddle it says "lesser spawn of ancalagon" which if ancalagon was a flying dragon (which he was) it would be a lesser dragon, or one that cant fly. Ta-da for reading! :D Its The Worm Chest.

    <2008-11-08 04:34:18>
    Yuna <Guest>The trick is to separate the two. So agro both of them and swim back till one of them goes back. Kill the remaining one and then go for the other one.

    <2008-12-24 07:15:55>
    Starwolf <Guest>Well, the riddle mentions Scatha as well... He was the first Dragon and was in fact known as Scatha the Worm.

    <2009-03-31 04:35:07>
    Gelhast <Guest>The trick is not to NOT stand in the fire

    <2009-05-17 21:58:41>
    Ara <Guest>Did it with my my Cpt lvl 32, sent my add/pet to aggro both worms and then took the chest. My add died, so what ;)

    <2009-05-20 04:13:20>
    Azurria <Guest>its not at the location.. its a hendrevail chest now at 12S and 71W

    <2009-05-31 07:31:01>
    Pendras <Guest>It&#039;s still at 12S and 71W. The Hendrevail Chest is the one just in front of the water. You need to swim to the small island for the Worm Chest exacly at 12S and 71W.

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