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Lord of the Rings Online The Hive-Queen

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NameThe Hive-Queen
TypeMoria Central Halls
Starts at NPCWafri
Starts in Zones
Related Mobs
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded25s, 55c
Rewards Items
  • Summon and defeat the Grodbog Hive-queen
  • Talk to Warfi at the Dolven-view Camp
  • Background'Pay close heed now, (your name). It seems like the heart of the Grodbog-swarm lies within the Palace of Náin, to the north-west. There is a large chamber within, directly north of the Lamâb-dûm passage...that should be just far enough in to execute my plan.

    'Once you find that chamber, I want you to crush the scent-glands you gathered, which will release an overwhelming scent...overwhelming to the gredbyg, that is. You will probably just smell a mildly unpleasant musky odour.

    'This scent should draw out the hive-queen from her hidden nest. If you can slay her, then the entire hive will be greatly least until they can raise a new queen. That should keep them out of our way for quite a while, not to mention Gamli's bedding!'
    DescriptionWafri's plan involves using the scent-glands you collected to trick the queen of the grodbog-hive into revealing herself, allowing you to dispatch her.,

    TIP: There is light "falling down" at 6.5S, 113.4W. You use the lighted area on the floor tu summon the queen.
    Map of The Great Delving Click an Icon to Link
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    <2008-11-27 05:08:22>
    Hexes <Guest>Seems bugged (heh). Nowhere in the hive can I crush the glands.

    whereabouts <2008-12-02 06:41:05>
    Ljubiccica <Guest>there is light "falling down" at 6.5S, 113.4W You use it and it summons the queen

    <2008-12-17 05:11:20>
    Eresmir <Guest>Easily soloable, lvl 53 champ

    use <2009-03-01 03:24:03>
    Barrthalion <Guest>You have to "use" the lighted area on the floor, not the scent gland.

    In what zone? <2009-06-05 02:29:27>
    Diepen <Guest>6.3s, 113.4w doesn&#039;t help much if you don&#039;t give the zone it&#039;s in.

    <2009-08-05 01:50:25>
    G <Guest>Just to point out, these are coordinates of a world. So it DOESN&#039;T matter what zone it&#039;s in. Because there&#039;s only one set of coords for every place, no matter the zone. However, as is the case for most quests, it&#039;s in the same zone you get the quest.

    broken <2010-01-16 01:36:02>
    Beregond <Guest>Cannot complete the quest anymore. After defeating the Queen Wafri won&#039;t talk to me about it.

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