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Lord of the Rings Online The Puzzle-vault

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NameThe Puzzle-vault
Related ObjectsPuzzle-Vault
Starts in Zones
Rewards Items
  • Pull the first lever
  • Pull the second lever
  • Pull the third lever
  • Pull the fourth lever
  • Bring the contents of the puzzle-vault to Bavor Redstone
  • BackgroundThe vault is across Thorin's Hall to the north and up the stairs. Pull the vault levers in the right sequence. If you make a mistake, go back to Bavor Redstone to reset the gears.
    DescriptionSPOILER: The levers in order should be as follow:


    TIP: Head north until you reach the stairs near the throne. Turn east. At the top of the stairs are the levers. The order goes: Moon, Axe, Sun, Jewel

    NOTE: The levers are north-east part of Thorin's Gate
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    Order <2007-05-04 05:33:21>
    zantarThe levers in order should be as follow: 1.Moon 2.Axe 3.Sun 4.Jewel

    Where are the vaults? <2007-05-20 03:21:48>
    Hotgar <Guest>I cant find it...HELP!!xD

    Puzzle-vault <2007-05-21 23:44:15>
    Nerakas <Guest>The vault is to your immediate left when facing the levers. It is not a roam you are looking for. Just mouse over the cement chest next to you.

    Location!! <2007-08-30 05:15:53>
    WinnieDaPwn <Guest>I cant find the location of the vault.. says north across thorins is it inside or what? he adds that its quite a long walk so i was thinking it was outside or something... HELP! ><

    puzzle vault <2007-09-11 06:48:05>
    WINDWALKER <Guest>its looks like a piece of concret moulding sticking out of the wall.. as the guy above said.. its right next to the levers.. to the left and you will only find one item. mouse around and the block of stone will flash white

    <2007-11-05 19:33:45>
    curuorn <Guest>i tryed all the levers first and i always fale plz help

    <2007-11-29 05:53:47>
    Tassio <Guest>Plenty of other people have said how to find the vault which is 2 feet from the levers, but most people have trouble finding the levers initially. From the quest giver, move a tiny bit west until you can go north. Go north, past the stairs which go down to the tradeskill area on your right, to the next set of stairs which go up on your right. The levers are at the top of these stairs. You will be in the main hall, not the bit with the 8+ forges, and not the bit with the waterfall.

    Broken quest <2008-02-10 05:00:57>
    Elathil <Guest>Ok... Ive tried pulling each of the four levers and all result in failure. Is this some kind of joke or is the quest broken?

    Quest Works fine <2008-03-26 03:23:23>
    Fenz <Guest>Just completed it and it works exactly as advertised. Head north through the halls until you get to the foot of the stairs to the throne. Turn East - thats to the right. In front of you is another set of stairs going up. Go Up. All the levers are right in front of you. The vault itself is right beside the left most lever. Simply click the levers in the order listed above and you can loot the vault. Simple. You won't be able to do this unless you have found all 5 gears and then get the quest to do the lever pulling.

    works ok <2008-11-23 05:28:49>
    <Guest>its a chest not a room so dont walk much

    <2009-01-24 03:52:24>
    <Guest>has anyone not been able to get the crown out of the vault?

    dont move its right beside you <2009-03-19 15:15:38>
    Jimmy Dean <Guest>dont move, look to your left, theres a "chest", right click it! :D

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