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Lord of the Rings Online The Treasure Hunt

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NameThe Treasure Hunt
Starts at NPCCulang
Related ObjectsThe Treasure Hunt Marker
Starts in Zones
Occurs in Zones
  • Find the solution to the riddle
  • BackgroundA stone marker in Evendim may hide treasure. Culang told you this riddle, which may hold a clue to the marker's location: "Two roads pass through green fields. Four kings watch the meeting of the ways." You should examine the marker when you find it for some clue to the location of the treasure.
    DescriptionTip: The first marker can be found at the P of Parth Aduial on the map at the crossroads. This is on the northwest side of Canadiach. (S 10.7, W 64.8)
    Map of Evendim Click an Icon to Link


    location <2007-08-17 07:02:06>
    Bohewulf <Guest>The tip is not very precice: The marker can be found at the NW side of Canadiach

    Coordinates <2007-08-19 03:34:38>
    PHGamer <Guest>The marker is at 10.7S 64.8W

    <2008-10-25 04:27:05>
    gritania <Guest>if u run around the outside you will se a lil pile of somthing that looks like rubble thats the tresure, if u newed any more help im normally online im lvl 34 hunter gritania feel free to message me

    Coordinates <2009-11-24 02:57:20>
    Fernanthelion <Guest>Excellent...I mapped home to Thinnundir and the treasure was exactly as posted here in Canadiach. It is just a piece of ruble just sitting next to the ruin. The marker is at 10.7s, 64.8w - Fernanthelion (39 - Champ)

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