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Lord of the Rings Online Troves and Trickery - The Shire

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NameTroves and Trickery - The Shire
Starts at NPCEgbert Took
Starts in Zones
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  • Play Troves and Trickery in the Shire (0/4)
  • Background
    DescriptionNOTE: This quest is only available during the Harvest Festival.

    TIP: You need to do the following emotes at the following halflings:

    Daddy Twofoot - /pick - S 31.3, W 71.1 (just by entrance to the Ivy Bush Inn)
    Lobelia Sackville-Baggins - /faint
    Porto Brownlock - /smoke - S 30.5, W 70.5 (In a field left of the road from Tree to the Ivy Bush Inn)
    Ted Sandyman - /stretch
    Map of Shire Click an Icon to Link


    <2008-09-29 06:17:25>
    <Guest>its Proto, not Porto

    location <2008-09-29 06:28:14>
    sen <Guest>Daddy Twofoot is @ 31.3S, 71.1W (just by the entrance to The Ivy Bush Inn)

    location <2008-09-29 06:28:14>
    sen <Guest>Proto Brownlock is on 30.5S, 70.7W (novece farmer)

    <2008-09-29 06:17:24>
    firebrandthe reason you cannot link proto is because it is actually spelled porto

    its porto not proto <2008-10-01 07:23:06>
    kido <Guest>Porto Brownlock, hes on a field left of the road from Tree to the Ivy Bush inn

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