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Lord of the Rings Online Vol. II, Book 2, Chapter 4: Enemies in the Ever Dark

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NameVol. II, Book 2, Chapter 4: Enemies in the Ever Dark
TypeEpic - Vol. II, Book 2: Echoes in the Dark
Starts at NPCBori (Durin's Way)
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Starts in Zones
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Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded25s, 55c
  • Defeat deep-claws in the Great Delving (0/14)
  • Search Katub-zahar for the secret to opening Nar-kheleb
  • Bring the rotting pages to Bori
  • Background'If we can find both the location of the Heart of Fire and the secret to opening its doors, it could be that Zigilburk will return to us from the darkness.'

    'I will ask the other dwarves of our expedition if they have come across any sign of Nâr-khelab. Perhaps someone has encountered some clue, though I am not hopeful.

    'You must return to Katûb-zahar, the Word-hoard of Durin, and search for the secret to opening the door. The deep-claws you found will not make it easy, but you are strong enough to deal with them. Katûb-zahar is on the eastern side of the Great Delving, north of a large statue of Durin. Somewhere inside, among the deep-claw nests, you may find the secret to opening the Heart of Fire.'
    DescriptionBori has told you of Nâr-khelab, the great forge at which the mithril axe, Zigilburk, may have been made. The way to the forge is blocked by some secret trick, lost to time.,
    TIP: Katub-zahar can be found at 7.0S, 111.1W
    Map of Durin's Way Click an Icon to Link
    Map of The Great Delving Click an Icon to Link


    Katub-ahar <2008-11-24 08:33:30>
    Telladan <Guest>Katub-zahar can be found at 7.0S, 111.1W

    Katub-ahar <2009-06-02 06:14:06>
    threebob <Guest>Do yourself a favour , get all the cave claws you need INSIDE the library , you will need to kill more than the 14 you need just to be able to get to the clickables.

    Katub-ahar <2010-01-10 03:29:52>
    Graham I Moyes <Guest>I did this without fighting. if you are quick you can check before nearbye caveclaw goes from threat to attack.. secret being not to stand still for more than a few seconds

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